Gallery Boa c. imperator Nicaragua

Boa c. imperator Nicaragua

Distribution areaNicaragua

Estimated average length of mature Boa c. imperator femalesless than 2m (6,5 ft)

Taxonomic status Subspecies recognized by the CITES convention

Crawl Cay
Ambergris Caye
El Salvador
Costa Rica


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So far we only have shown Corn Island Boas on our Boa c. imperator  Nicaragua page, but not the mainland form. Mindful readers of our Boa constrictor website will have noticed that already.

This was because we had a real hard time to get photos of true Nicaraguan Boas with PROVEN (!) origin from mainland Nicaragua.

Bags of photos of so-called Nicaragua Boas had been offered to us but all of them showed crossbreeds.

It seems to be a weird thing with Nicaragua boas in Germany: During the last years gross cases of selling crossbreeds as true Nicaragua Boa c. imperator happened.

Even the public prosecutor is engaged in the meantime since forged CITES documents were involved in this frauds. Actually, we were the ones who uncovered the fraud with the forged Cites documents.

Meanwhile we have got farmbred Nicaragua boas. So we are finally able to show photos of TRUE Boa c. imperator from Nicaragua. Maybe this helps to prevent that boa enthusiats will fall to the malady of such swindlers again.

The size of the babies indicates that the Nicaragua mainland form is a relatively small  Boa constrictor (less than 6.5 ft in length).

If a 7.5 ft animal is presented as a supposedly Boa c. imperator from mainland Nicaragua you are on the safe side when you assume that it is a crossbreed.