Gallery Boa c. constrictor Trinidad and Tobago

Boa constrictor constrictor Trinidad - Trinidad redtail boa

Distribution area Trinidad and Tobago

Estimated average length of mature female Boa c. constrictor Approximately 1.90 to 2.20 m (6.2 to 7.2 ft)

Taxonomic status Subspecies recognized by the CITES convention

Trinidad and Tobago


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For a long time Trinidad redtail boas were thought to be the largest of all Boa c. constrictor. This widespread opinion was due to wrong information published in "Snakes in Fact and Fiction" by James Oliver 1963.

He wrote that he record for this species was 18'6", obtained from an individual specimen killed and measured in Trinidad by Colin F. Pittendrigh while he was on the island conducting malaria-work during World War II.

But it turned out that this 18.5 ft record was a misidentified anaconda, according to a report in Herpetological Review.

(source: boa forum, postings of Richard (amazoa) and Paul Hollander on March 23, 2001)

Nevetheless we can confirm, that the growth of these animals is amazing. In the photo below you can see a two year old female that is almost 7 ft in length. Although we never overfed her, she showed the growth rate of a Burmese python :o)

Trinidad Boa c. constrictor are rarely kept and bred in captivity (not only in Europe, but also in the U.S.)

It seems, that the Boa c. constrictor from Trinidad are rarely affected by the "regurgitation syndrome in redtail boas". Neither our "Tudehope babies" nor our female (second photo) that we raised has ever regurgitated food, although we have not always fed small prey animals.