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Boa c. longicauda Zeros™ offspring available


Juli 5, 2011: This is the positive proof that the Zeros™ strain is a genetically determined aberration!

Zeros™ offspring 2011! By repeating our breeding success of 2010 we have furnished proof that the Zeros™ variant of Boa c. longicauda is genetically determined.


The history of the Zeros™

First off, our Zeros™ boa c. longicauda result from the breeding of the most beautiful longicaudas ever in our stock! This wasn't intended, this was by chance.

Here is the story: We have experienced a big (and pleasant) surprise when our Boa c. longicauda female gave birth to a litter of healthy babies on July 13, 2010. In the clutch we spotted three almost identical specimens of aberrant pattern and hue. The other babies showed no aberration whatsoever; they just looked like premium longicauda babies should look like.

We rule out any faults in the housing-temperature during the gestation period. For that matter, boa babies who show an aberrant pattern due to insufficient temperature during gestation look differently.

What could be the reason for this aberration?

To avoid inbreeding we have merged adult breeders of two very different bloodlines of boa c. longicauda  who hasn't got in touch before. The father is a black/white (anerythristic) male ... 

The parents are carrying a special gene who has triggered the aberrant color and pattern in some of the babies.  Meanwhile we have got evidence that this aberration is genetically determined and thus hereditary.

By the way, the Zeros™ (and also the other babies of normal color and pattern in this litter) are 100% heterozygous for anerythrism. That is, in a future offspring of these babies about 25% of the young will be black/white colored.

Also anerythristic Zeros™ are within the realm of possibility!

Description of the appearance of the Zeros™

The babies show no saddle pattern or lateral patches. Therefore the denotation "Zero" came to our mind.

On the transition of the dorsal to the lateral area a small line reaches from the neck to the tail on both sides. The dorsal area shows a different hue as the lateral one. In one specimen the dorsal area is slightly yellowish.

Also the tail looks quite different and interesting. It shows a beautiful golden-brown color with a dark interspersion.


Boa c. longicauda - possible het for Zeros™ + Zeros™ female


Not only the ZerosTM are breathtakingly beautiful, but also the hets for Zeros™, since they result from the breeding of the most beautiful longicaudas ever in our stock.



Meanwhile it has turned out that the Zeros™ provide a huge bandwidth of different colors. Silver, high-yellow, orange-colored tail - you name it. Here you can see the dark variant. We hope to produce Zeros™ for sale in 2014 for the first time. 


The head-marking is startling and attractive. The light yellow area between the snout and the eyes is found in every Zero. It can be expected that in the course of the development this light area will generate a stunning contrast to the adjacent coloring. 

Meanwhile another stunning feature has evolved in the course of the development of these animals: their eyes show the same silver-grey color as the body.

In the edition 44 (2010) of the reptile magazine "Draco" published by the Natur und Tier Verlag our Zeros™ are introduced to the reptile community in a detailled article. It includes awesome photos who show the special characteristics of these animals.

We want to stress, that these boas are purebred boa c. longicauda. It is well-known that in no other boa constrictor subspecies such a significant change of color occurs as in the long-tail boas. Therefore it is safe to assume that the Zeros™ have yet to exploit their potential although they look awesome already.

Will we become morph breeder now?

Also in true boa constrictors color- and pattern mutations can occur. The Leopard boas of Hansjörg Winner are the perfect example for this. We have never uttered any negative comment against this strain, on the contrary: we even introduced them to our readers in one of our books.

Bottom line: We will definitely not breed these boas to some crossbreed mutations in order to create new morphs (e. g. Albino Zeros™). But we won't flush them down the toilet either only because they are looking differently.

Legal matters:

In our opinion special animals require special measures. Therefore we have committed a specialized lawyer to apply for a pan-European trademark protection for our Zero boas at the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante/Spain.

By the way, this costs an arm and a leg and we wouldn't have spent this money if the weren't positive that the Zero strain is of genetic determination.

Boa c. longicauda Zeros™ Variante  (head-study)


Now only the aberrant longicaudas from our breeding are allowed to be labeled as  "Zeros".  This will also protect our customers from fakes who are often found in the boa community, especially after new variants are introduced.  Therefore the trademark protection will lead to a long-term stable value of this breeding, since the illegal use of the name Zeros™ can AND WILL be prosecuted relentlessly.


Father of the Zeros™



The development of the Zeros™ is breath-taking. Not only we but also the people who see these animals in the flesh at our place are absolutely stunned. We are very curious as to the future development of the Zeros™.

By the way, the videoclip does the beauty of this
Zeros™ boa no justice.