Our Dog Lux

More Information: 

Deluxe von Burg Heinfels

Nickname "Lux"

Gender 1,0

date of birth 06-21-2006

breeder  Breeding Site for Belgian Shepherds
"von Burg Heinfels"

Working-Tervueren for dogsport and performance

Heinrich Hofmann
A-9931 Außervillgraten 200, Austria

For dogfanciers: His breeding name is Deluxe von Burg Heinfels.

Breed of dog: Working - Tervuere (no signs of that up to now, though) Tervueren are Belgian Shepherds

Working - Tervuere at work ...
(August 2006)


Our new security department employee still leaves something to be desired as to his motivation.

This is the way he will look like as an adult photo courtesy of Heinrich Hofmann

Christian Putzer and Baja, a half-sister of Lux.
This photo was the decisive factor that we resolved to have a Tervueren. photo courtesy of Christian Putzer