Gallery Boa constrictor imperator Mexico


Distribution area Mexico

Estimated average length of mature Boa c. imperator females: depending on the variant up to 2m (6,5 ft)

Taxonomic status Subspecies recognized by the CITES convention

Crawl Cay
Ambergris Caye
El Salvador
Costa Rica


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Boa c. imperator Mexico for sale


First off, it has to be made clear that the classification as subspecies "Boa c. mexicana" for Mexican Boa constrictor imperator did not carry through in the taxonomy.  Therefore we have to call it  Boa c. imperator, distribution area Mexico.

Mexico is the home of several different looking variants of Boa c. imperator: 

  • the Sonora variant
  • the Cancun variant
  • the Tarahumara variant
  • the Tamaulipas variant

For convenience, in herpetoculture the different Mexico forms of Boa c. imperator had been named after the state in which they are distributed.


You'll find photos of the different variants in the gallery above or in the submenu "Tarahumara Boas | Tamaulipas Boas".

We keep and breed the latter variants because we consider them as the most scarce and interesting ones. We are proud to claim that we have been the first breeders in Europe who have managed to get an offspring of these rare Mexican Boas.

In conclusion, we would like to point out to the fact that especially in the Tarahumara boas a lot of fakes are offered in the repile market. We think that the same will be true in the near future for the Tamaulipas boas, who are relatively unknown as yet.